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Best leadership books according to Donald Trump

Stumbled Across this looking For Trump's Biblography to arrange My Books in order of release Date! Interesting Choice's Trump Choice 
Gutsy real estate developer. Reality television magnate. Best-selling author. Donald Trump recommends best books on leadership.


This Cat Decided To Live in A Bookstore And Got Famous For Hilarious Reasons!

1-Cat Lives In A Bookstore

Was there a real Mother Goose?


A young girl sits on top of her bed, reading a Mother Goose storybook. (Credit: Harold M. Lambert/Lambert/Getty Images)

These Bookmarks Feature the Little Legs of Literary Characters

The politically correct crowd just got a great American novel banned

David Foster Wallace Reads Franz Kafka’s Short Story “A Little Fable” (and Explains Why Comedy Is Key to Kafka)

Video Included in the Article Titled: 


David Foster Wallace: Remarks on Kafka

Unseen JRR Tolkien poems found in school magazine

Two works by the Lord of the Rings author discovered in the 1936 annual of Our Lady’s School in Oxfordshire


JRR Tolkien.

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Why do adults afraid of power in this book

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Bone Quill - Carole E. Barrowman, John Barrowman

The twins' dad was not a good father. He tried to use their power.


The twins' mom is not that good either, she forbid them to use their power.


The twins are using their power but got into trouble.


Now, why do I still like this book.


100 pages in. And the blind friend is still the main character.


And they are not doing some major thing yet. 


Starts with 4 stars. 


180 pages in. 


And they found their mom. The hint is in the painting, and the adults stopping the twins from going into painting slowed their progress in finding their mom.


So what is the big deal?

What are we learning here? Should children be allowed to develop their ability, through trial and error, even if it is a bit risky? 


The answer seems to be a yes. The mom is not that useful as she seems overly nervous and lack of good planning. 


The twins are just that, preteens who don't really know what they would do until they do it. 


Done. What happened to Matt. This is actually pretty good story for preteens or teens. The focus is on the children always and that's how YA stories should be. 


4.5 stars. 


Not really a review, more a note

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— feeling too sad
A Scandal in Bohemia - A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel - Petr Kopl

The graphic novel wouldn't load. o.0


I really want to read this, so I'm going to have to track down a physical copy (sorry Kindle but I can't trust you with this). The artwork, one single portrait of Holmes, looks really good and quite distinctive. I'm interesting to see Kopl's retelling.


While the comic didn't appear, several notes and appendixes did. I found the author's thoughts on Sherlock Holmes himself, as well as the "real" relationship between him and Irene Adler well worth reading.


They almost made up for the missing comic.


Anne Frank's Diary: Copyright Battle Ensues After Becoming Free Online


Eight books to read before you turn 30

Storytime From Space

So Cool! 


A Dark and Itchy Night (Books & Bedbugs)

Read the lost Sherlock Holmes story found in an attic

The Book o' the Brig



Beatrix Potter story Kitty-in-Boots discovered after 100 years

A new story written by Beatrix Potter more than 100 years ago, featuring Peter Rabbit, is to be published for the first time. 


Video Included in Article 


Beatrix Potter's illustration for Kitty-in-Boots

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