Sooooo, that took me awhile...

Basil of Baker Street - Eve Titus The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Short Stories -  Arthur Conan Doyle, Leslie S. Klinger
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How many of you have seen The Great Mouse Detective?


If you have, then you might remember when we see the shadows of Holmes and Watson leaving Baker Street and we can hear Basil Rathbone once again play the great detective. Because of that, I've always remembered what he says:


"There's German music in the program. It's introspective and I want to introspect."


Now, can you tell me which short story that comes from? Because I had no idea until just this moment!



If you read my previous post, or already knew this, then you guessed The Red-Headed League!

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This was so cool as I had no idea it came from the canon, I figured it had been written for the movie. I'm only ashamed that it's taken me years to put it together!